pantsThe first drug to treat hyperactive sexual desire disorder in women receiving approval from the side of the Food and Drug Administration in the US.
According to statistics, around 40% of women should not be affected by the condition at some point in their lives. Psychological factors that contribute to the lack of sexual desire among representatives of the female sex are low self-esteem, stress or mental problems. Also influenced by hormonal disorders, and fatigue or some habits associated with lifestyle.
Although the exact mechanism of action of the “female Viagra” is not completely clear, manufacturers believe it affects chemicals in the brain associated with sexual desire.
The Administration explained that must be taken with 100 mg of the drug once a day before bedtime. Patients should discontinue use if there is no improvement over a period of eight weeks. It emphasizes that prescribing by certified medical professionals.
The decision on approval of the drug was taken after analysis of the three studies that included a total of 2,400 women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The average age of the participants was 36 years.
For a period of 24 weeks or they adopt patsebo or 100 mg dose of the medication at bedtime. From the data it is clear that women who take the drug, a modest increase in sexual desire and sexual activity. It is also reported and lowering the stress resulting from low libido.
The Administration explained that the drug is associated with some side effects, including loss of consciousness, particularly when taken in combination with alcohol. Therefore requiring conversion to special training side of the experts who should prescribe t. Pomegranate. Viagra for women.